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There are several different things that go into making me who I am.

First and foremost I am a gamer.  I live and breath video games.  My main type of game that I play is called an MMO.  That stands for Massively Multiplayer Online.  I have played most MMOs out there.  I am usually found in Everquest 2 on the Oasis server.

Secondly, I have worked in the medical field since I was in high school.  I started out doing volunteer work at Memorial Regional Hospital.  As soon as I turned 16, I applied for a job in the transportation department.  I quickly went on to the Radiology department to work as a Tech Assistant.  Since that time I have worked in many doctor’s offices.  I currently work in a diagnostic center.  I really haven’t known anything but the medical field.  My mom was a nurse and her mom was a nurse before her.

Speaking of healthcare, my medical issues rule who I am as well.  They determine how much I am able to do as well as when.  Some days I have major flair ups that can cause anything from simple fatigue to memory loss.   Thankfully, they only occur when my TSH is extremely high (above 120).  I try not to let that happen.  However, since it is tied to my immune system, it can be rather difficult.

Another thing about me is my love for books.  This was something that my mom instilled in me from a very young age.  We grew up around books and learned to respect them.  They are our dear friends.  You can always find a book that I am in the middle of in my purse since I never go anywhere without a book.

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  1. Thanks for your review of my book, PRESIDENTIAL PICTURE STORIES:BEHIND THE CAMERAS AT THE WHITE HOUSE. If you would go to Amazon, find the book (its finally there and post that same review, I would definitely appreciate it, Thank you Thank you, Dennis Brack, the author

    PS Have had a bit of press because of the White House access issue, so that is good–any tips that anyone can give on how to sell this book,(I have pallets, boy do I have pallets of books.) would be appreciated. Dennis

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