5 comments on “Guest Post: Soul Mind Body Medicine

  1. Yes, I agree. Soul is our boss. And I remember this thing, EVERY thing has a soul. My professor told us when we were high school. And we should take care of it. Like what he said, no matter how healthy you are physical, but when your soul is full of sins, insecurities, bad vibes, then your soul is totally damage. I remember, we encounter this with our subject values. About philosophies.
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  2. Great blog post! Our body and soul are what we are.. What's inside us brings out with the way we feel, think and act.
    Thanks for sharing this to us.
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  3. We understood I'm soul/athma. But we are not able to realize that. Why?

    We lived our life by looking outside and accumulated many things using mind. They all got stored in us. When we turn inward accumulations stored in us make us to look outside. We call these accumulations as karma. One should clear this karma first.

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