2 comments on “The Promised Land

  1. Thanks for your wonderful review, Norma! I'll have an interesting take on it myself when I post my review, but I did grow up in early sixties and racial tension was definitely there. I love how Valerie set the mood in the first chapter, that's why I bought a couple myself in the Kindle store – it was only $2.99 and definitely cheaper than getting her to send me a book, but that first chapter was what did me in. I don't have time to read much but I had to have this one. Thanks again for your review!

  2. Hi! I love the review because it can bring me many lesson to learn. I have never finish reading the book but as i was reading the review I think that I can get the point why most people still believe in our savior. Thanks for sharing it and hoping that I can read another chapter of it.
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