6 comments on “Beyond Justice

  1. Although this is just a result of a man's brilliant imagination, this story is likely to happen in real life. A lot of innocent people are sent to prison waiting for that hopeless day when the law takes their life. Being falsely accused should not be taken lightly because our law is not what we always think. The right may turn out wrong and vice-versa. But this is a good book.
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  2. It is not easy to forgive someone most especially a person who did a lot of mistakes in their life, an awful mistake and crime. In spite of that he changed his life for a better.Sometimes in our life we took a wrong path, we don't know the decisions we made.We don't know if it is good or bad. This blog and review is only proven, it is not too late to change our life and ask forgiveness to the people we committed mistakes. I want to read this book totally. I want to know the life of other people got separate ways and all along return for a big mend of their life.
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  3. This is indeed an inspirational book which took life into the reality. This cases as well occurs in real life and struggling is the critical part during the development of the case especially with the involvement of critical criminal offences being charge to an individual. I've learned things from this book.

  4. This is a very interesting story just like The Count of Monte Cristo though different in some ways. Sometimes we need to experience something to become a better person. Revenge and bitterness will always be there and it will unlock us to something more important. This book has really triggered my interest. Thanks to the one who let the public knew about it. A simple thanks from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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