10 comments on “Brandsmart Customer Service

  1. There is always something that a company (physical building or online store) can do when it comes to something coming in damaged. Thank you for sharing with us about this company… Thankfully i have never heard of this company until now – but I know for a fact that I will NEVER EVER PURCHASE from there!

  2. So sorry that this happened to you! Once in a while, you will find a company that is not worth your time or money and this just happens to be one of them. (I would report them to the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General…at least threaten to do so to see if they will respond. Sometimest that is all you have to do to get answers!). I too have never heard of this company but will not be a customer! I will stick with companies that care about their consumers! Thanks for theheads up.
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  3. I don't know why stores treat people like that! 😦 What a good way for them to ruin their business!! I had that happen to me at Target before. We didnt have a receipt bc it was a gift, but it was clearly a Target branded item that was defective and they were so rude and refused to exchange it! I refused to go there for a VERY long time after that! I would certainly report them if I were you!
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  4. That's a lot of complaints.. wait – so it's NOT your brother-in-law's company? Sorry, I read it as being his and wondered why an employee walked away from him.

    Still, that's horrible customer service! And it sounds like your family have been repeat customers…you'd think they'd treat ya better.

  5. I thought it was your brother in laws company too and I was thinking you must really hate your BIL! lol
    aside from that, horrible customer service is unacceptable. especially in a social media world like today where word of mouth travels so fast, you better have your A game with customer service.

  6. Hi, I am the Regional VP for Brandsmart in Atlanta. I am not sure which location you purchased your item at, but to your point, this seems like an easy fix. I apologize this was not handled properly. Please email me your contact info and I assure you we will take care of it. I once again apologize.

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