One comment on “WWW Wednesday

  1. First just let me say you have an interesting setup with your background and header Norma, very cool and airy!

    Second welcome to the WWW and my next post will not be up until January 5th since Miz B started it back up again have to get all my info together and that will take some work…

    Third a couple of suggestions for the sidebar would be for a Feedburner email subscription widget and your blog archives widget so once posts are out can go back on the list and find them.. (and also a way to contact you by email would be a bonus if you have one you do not mind sharing with public)

    I am happy to have found you and will be adding your URL to my blog roll and have followed you on Networked Blogs so look forward to seeing what you come up with next…

    (Btw you are not the only adult I know who is an avid gamer, one of the ladies I chat with regularly is a SIMS addict)

    And last but not least if you are planning on keeping your pretty header and would like a blog button I can make you one if you would like using the side pic you have on both sides of the header title…..

    jackie >_<

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