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    • You are so right. None of us ever deserved the crap that he gave us. His karma is going to run him over. I am glad that I will be long gone before then. Elsie and Joan were begging me to stay. I feel so much better now that I have handed in my resignation! Hell, you saw how bitchy I was getting working there!!

      • Shit, I felt so bad b/c they kept beggin me to come back, I just kept telling them “sure Ill call him on Monday” then Id hang up and be like “YEA RIGHT”

      • I know. They were sad when you didn’t call him on Monday. Besides, they have been talking about leaving there too. I just wonder if any of them will get the balls to do it. It actually feels great to know that I only have 2 weeks left of that bullshit. A little scary not knowing where I will find a job though. Hell, I would rather work at McDonald’s making minimum wage then there!!

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